Introduction to keeping cattle

Do you:

  • want to simply keep a house cow?
  • raise calves or fatten store cattle?
  • want to grow a small herd of rare or minority breed cattle?

Course content:
10 years ago we bought our first highland cow and calf. We currently have 20 head of stock, breed and sell our own calves and market our own jointed beef. The course covers:

  • Characteristics of native breeds
  • When, where and how to acquire your stock
  • Registration, BCMS, passports and tags
  • Handling techniques and facilities
  • Bucket and halter training
  • Feeding
  • Bulls, breeding and calving
  • New stock into the herd
  • Vets and routine treatments
  • TB testing
  • Abattoirs, butchering and meat marketing
  • Essential and useful kit
  • Shows and sales
  • Livestock trailers and transportation
  • Tractors and trailers
  • Using contractors
  • Grassland management
  • Fencing
  • Setting yourself up as a business
  • Q&A

The course is limited to six people. Please bring outdoor clothes, wellies, and waterproofs if it looks like rain.

£95 per person including lunch, refreshments and a copy of lecture notes.
Discounts for couples.

Course will run throughout the year normally on a Friday or Saturday (but we are flexible). Please contact us to arrange a date.

Keeping cattle course notes
Some of the hands-on activities we get up to on smallholding course days